<img src="Pearl Creek Candles Promise.png" alt="Pearl Creek Candles promise to our customers and to our environment">

Our Promise

I am sure by now we are all aware about our planet’s plastic pollution problem. It’s in our waterways and in our oceans. Plastic pollution is having a devastating impact on these beautiful and delicate ecosystems. So as part of our promise to you and to ourselves, we wanted to make our products as environmentally friendly and responsible as we can. Check out Our Commitment for more info.

  • Our wooden wicks are FSC certified which are harvested from forests that are responsibly managed. 
  • 100% Natural Soy wax with no additives
  • 100% Biodegradable packaging peanuts made from starch
  • A commitment to producing a 0% plastic waste product
  • Return policies aimed towards reusing and recycling our glass jars; great for planting your favorite flower