<img src="Candle Care Tips.png" alt="Candle care tips and suggestions for a cleaner, longer lasting burn">

Candle Care Tips

  • Each Pearl Creek Candle has been tested to burn for optimum results

  • With a little bit of simple care and minimal maintenance, your candle will produce a wonderful experience each time.

  • Follow the instructions printed on the label; on the bottom of each candle

  • Make sure your candle is at room temperature before lighting. Lighting a cold candle can cause tunneling

  • Trim the wooden wick to a height of 5-7 mm (1/4 inch) before lighting the candle

  • The wick may give you a small amount of smoke when first lit, however once they achieve ample heating; the candle will burn without smoke

  • If smoke persists, it is most likely a wick that requires trimming or a draft that is not allowing ample heat to generate

  • Never drop objects, such as matches into the candle

  • Keep burning candles away from materials that can catch fire

  • Keep candles out of reach of children and pets

  • Do not leave a burning candle unattended or while you go to bed

  • Discontinue burning your candle when ½ inch of wax remains