Spring and Summer Collection. 6 colors - Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue

The Spring & Summer Collection

100% Natural Soy Wax Candles

As we introduce our Spring & Summer Collection, we are also celebrating the spring equinox. A time of balance where, the winter is ending, and the spring is approaching and there are equal hours of light and dark. This time is our favorite time of year has it represents the start of new life and new beginnings.

As the earth below us warms and the snow starts to melt; birds begin to sing, and the animals are introducing their young to the open world. We watch has the first flowers rise up to face the warmth of the sun and the first blades of grass turn to green. This is the time to take a second, to sit back and enjoy those little moments and to embrace the sun has it falls upon your face.

So, to introduce our Spring Scent Collection at a time when nature is awaken and the colors of the natural world comes into view, we have captured this feeling into our product.

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