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Our Commitment to the Ocean

As part of our ongoing journey and as a part of our promise, we have decided to be part of the solution and to commit ourselves and our business to being as environmentally friendly as we can be. So to start, we are taking $1 dollar of every item sold and putting it where it means the most to us...into cleaning up our oceans and waterways. How are we doing this you might ask? 4Ocean that's how. 

4Ocean is a purpose-driven business and a public benefit corporation that was founded to help end the ocean plastic crisis. They are not a nonprofit, which makes them different from many other environmentally-focused companies. 4Ocean is unable to accept donations so they introduced a program called Pound+. 

Pound+ is a program that enables people concerned about our oceans to be able to directly fund the removal of trash from the ocean, rivers and coastlines. This program directly funds an entire global ocean cleanup operation by funding new equipment, vessels, cleanup crews, facilities, development of new ocean cleaning technologies, advocacy efforts and much more. So for every $10, they pull 1 lbs. Our goal is to pull 1000 lbs. So far today we have 50lbs of plastic from our Ocean's. 

The ocean is the largest ecosystem on the plant and it needs to be protected. It also acts as our biggest combatant to climate change because the ocean is our biggest absorber of carbon dioxide in the world. While in the ocean, plastic not only breaks down into small pieces that can be ingested by an increasing number of sea creatures, but it also acts as a sponge soaking up other chemicals in the ocean that can be poisonous when ingested. Additionally, as plastic breaks down, it releases harmful methane gases which are even more damaging to the ozone than carbon dioxide.



Check out 4Ocean's work for yourself down below and become a part of something bigger!